Startwood Fingerboard - Red complete

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Startwood is the perfect Fingerboard for the rider moving from the plastic toys into the more advance setup with more tuning options and better performance but the quality on these can not be compared to the Professional Fingerboards.
Fingerboard is ready to go you just need to put the tape the way you like it.

  • Professional Real Wood Fingerboard Complete set and assembled, ready to shread!
  • Handmade 5 plys wood deck with medium concave and kicks, crispy and solid pop. Real wear graphic.
  • Foam tape, super confortable and grippy to help control and boost your tricks.
  • Advanced Metal Trucks with Single axle, bushings for turning and lock nuts so you don't lose any of the wheels.
  • CNC Bearing wheels, super fast and smooth takes your setup to another level.

Package contains:

complete Fingerboard assembled
1 x 32mm wood deck
2 x 32mm silver trucks single axel 
6 x silver lock nuts
4 x CNC bearing wheels 
1 x foam tape
1 x tool

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