Ywheels Y4 DualSW ASY

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Ywheels Y4 DualSmokedWhite Asymmetric shape
- Advanced Fingerboard wheel design, conical on the outside and square on the inside to help you lock your tricks on grinds.
- Wider wheel base and bigger diameter, perfect for your big setups.
- Urethane Formula, Hardness 65D. The hardest wheels we make.
- Optimized relation grip/slide for better performance.
- Dual bearings have more contact in the axle, making the wheel more stable, with less wobbles and no jamming.
- Dual bearings with lubricated cream. Shield on one of the sides.
- Designed to fit perfectly on Ytrucks.
- Professional lathered for smooth ride.

The package contains:
4 wheels
8 bearings
1 stickers

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